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Please park vehicles in the vicinity of the circle shown in the diagram on the opposite side of the bridleway from the flight line.  All vehicles are left entirely at their owners’ risk.  Under no circumstances should models be started in the pits area.


The Pits are a designated area for preparing models prior to flight and for storing equipment during flying sessions.  Fliers must adhere to the frequency control system. In line with the BMFA's handbook amendment on Electric Helicopters, no main power batteries may be connected in the pits.  Visitors and guests must remain in the Pits unless invited on to the flight line by a committee member or active pilot.


Over flying the solar farm installation and farm building is strictly prohibited.


Caution should be exercised not to fly too close to users of the bridleway. There are often HGV’s, Cyclists, Dog Walkers and Horse riders that make use of the bridleway. If you see a Dog Walker or Horse rider approaching, it would be sensible to land until they have passed. In accordance with Article 16, models should not be flown within 30m of uninvolved people (other users of the bridleway). This can be reduced to 15m for take-off and landing in some circumstances.

A good lookout should be maintained to avoid full size aircraft. Puma and Chinook helicopters often make approaches to adjacent fields at low level and light fixed wing aircraft and helicopters operate from the grass airstrip to the North West of our flying site.


Always check your equipment.  Always adhere to committee members’ instructions.

IN AN EMERGENCY - Call emergency services.

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