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The club field is conveniently situated near Millets Farm on the A415 Abingdon to Witney Road:

7 Acre Field, Collins Farm, Kingston Road, Frilford, Abingdon, OX13 5NX

We have a wide catchment area with members coming from from Oxford and Carterton in the North and Thatcham in the South.

We now have a new access through a permanently open gate on the north side of the A415 immediately west of the entrance to Millets Farm and Garden Centre.

This will take you straight up a hedge line to a grass area behind the concrete bunker.

Take care here since there is a sizeable wartime defensive trench nearby.

PARKING - Please park your car to the east of the wartime tank trap and concrete pill-box and south of the pits.  Take care here!

Vehicles are left at owners’ risk.  Under no circumstances should models be started in this area.

Please observe the speed limit and keep speed to a minimum so as to not damage the road way

****** Please take care driving slowly down the track so as not to distract any pilots flying ******

Field Rules